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Blender 3D from zero to hero

Assalamualaikum. Hi guys!

Great news! I just released my newest Udemy course about Blender a few days ago. The title of the course is “BLENDER 3D FROM ZERO TO HERO”. To celebrate this moment I want to share you guys a discounted coupon code of this course. if you are interested to join the course just use the link below to enroll:

The course is designed for a complete beginners, so no prior experience of any 3D software is needed to take this course. The course will teach you a lot of things about Blender. Currently it has 5 chapters from: the fundamentals, 3D modeling, material, UV mapping and texturing. With over than 80 video lessons of about 10 hours of total content.

What so great about this course is that I will keep adding lessons to this course so we will have future chapters covering: Cycles rendering, EEVEE, Sculpting, Texture painting, Animation and so on. -in sha Allah-. All of these updates are FREE for existing students.

Make sure to ENROLL and make use of this discount now. As the number of slots are limited and for each additional chapter released, the course price will be adjusted to match with other similar courses in Udemy.

Happy learning 🙂


Regards, Widhi Muttaqien

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