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Blender 3D UV mapping ultimate guide, FREE ACCESS!


Another exiting moment, new course release! 🙂

I just finished a new course “Blender 3D UV mapping ultimate guide“and already published at Skillshare.

Promo video:

Here is a brief explanation about what you’re going to learn:

This course we will teach you UV mapping techniques from the most basic ones to the more advanced UV mapping methods using Blender. UV mapping is a method of placing 2D image textures to 3D object’s surfaces. It is an important skill every 3D artists need to learn to create beautiful and believable 3D artworks.

What we will cover in this course:

  1. UV mapping introduction and overview

  2. View projection mapping

  3. Cylindrical projection mapping

  4. UV unwrapping

  5. Straightening tilted UV layouts

  6. UV image editor snapping features

  7. Pinning

  8. Live unwrap

  9. Smart UV project

  10. Advanced UV selection

  11. Stitching

  12. Welding

  13. Texture atlas

  14. UV mapping symmetrical models

  15. Texture tiling

  16. Use real world size for texture using Magic UVW add-on

We will also have hands-on projects in this course such as:

  1. Modeling and UV mapping a Barrel

  2. Herbal tea product packaging

  3. Create a low polygonal tree from a to z

  4. UV mapping a fish submarine model with texture atlas


FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, only for the first 200 students:

I hope you enjoy the course. Happy learning.


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