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Creating pillow in 3ds Max | Part 1 : Modeling with Garment Maker

Creating pillow with Garment-Maker modifier and preparing it for cloth simulation.

If you need to model a pillow but prefer not to purchase marvelous designer then this video series is for you. In this 2 part 3ds Max tutorials we’re going to model a pillow with garment maker and simulate it with cloth modifier. Everything is done inside 3ds Max with no external plugin or software required. In the first part we’re going to model the pillow with garment-maker modifier.

This video belongs to this 3ds Max tutorial series:

  1. Part 1 : Model the pillow with garment maker

  2. Part 2 : Shape the pillow cloth simulation

#garmentmaker #3dsmax #cloth #marvelousdesigner #pillow

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