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Is Krita slow and laggy? | Krita vs Photoshop brush performance comparison

In term of brush performance Krita is now actually faster than Photoshop.


Hi guys, my name is Widhi Muttaqien. In this video I’m going to compare Krita and Photoshop head to head in term of the brush performance. The reason I created this video is because a few hours ago before I record the video, Krita version 4.2.1 was just released. And in the release note there is one improvement or fix that caught my attention, and that is “Fix possible small delays at the beginning of a stroke”. This is a great news. I mean Krita was already very performant in the last several releases. And now Krita is supposed to be even faster because the developers managed to crush even the smallest delays in the brush engine. This is just too interesting for me to not to test it myself against Photoshop.

If you prefer more in-depth written article about the topic you can check this post at

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