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Mastering 3D Modeling in 3ds Max: Basic Level

Assalamu’alaikum. Hi guys!

I just released my latest 3ds Max course at Skillhare Mastering 3D Modeling in 3ds Max: Basic Level“. The course focus on 3D modeling skills from basic to intermediate level.

If you are interested, here is the direct link to the course:

If you want to master 3D modeling using 3ds Max 2020-2021 in the shortest possible time. Then this course is for you. The course starts from zero, meaning, you can take this course even with no experience in 3D whatsoever. There are 9 hours of content divided into more than 70 lesson videos. These are the 3D models that you’re going to create throughout this course. Most of them are real-world products.

You will learn the 3ds Max UI, scene management, editable poly modeling, precision modeling, spline-based modeling, subdivision, compound objects and so much more. There are just too many to cover in this short video. After taking this course, in sha Allah, you will have a strong foundation in using 3ds Max, computer graphics concepts in general, and especially 3D modeling skills.

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