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Modeling and rendering a real chair product part 2 : Setup the references

Modeling and rendering a real chair product with 3ds Max and Corona renderer part 2 : Setting up the references

In this video series we’re going to model and render a real chair product like the image above. This chair is a real furniture product made by B&B Italia. We’re going to built it using  blueprint reference images with 3ds Max and then render it with Corona renderer. In the second part of this 3ds max tutorial we’re going to set up the references inside 3ds Max.

This 3ds Max tutorial is part of 6 part tutorials:

  1. Part 1 : Getting the references

  2. Part 2 : Setup the references

  3. Part 3 : Seat modeling

  4. Part 4 : Stitches and the leg

  5. Part 5 : Material

  6. Part 6 : Lighting and rendering

#3dsmax #chair #rendering #corona #modeling

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