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Modeling and rendering a real chair product part 5 : Material

Modeling and rendering a real chair product with 3ds Max and Corona renderer part 5 : Material

In this video series we’re going to model and render a real chair product like the image above. This chair is a real furniture product made by B&B Italia. We’re going to built it using  blueprint reference images with 3ds Max and then render it with Corona renderer. In part 5 of this 3ds max tutorial we’re going to add materials to our chair model.

This 3ds Max tutorial is part of these tutorials:

  1. Part 1 : Getting the references

  2. Part 2 : Setup the references

  3. Part 3 : Seat modeling

  4. Part 4 : Stitches and the leg

  5. Part 5 : Material

  6. Part 6 : Lighting and rendering

#3dsmax #chair #rendering #corona #modeling

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