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Udemy new pricing policy, will this benefit you?

Assalamualaikum. My name is Widhi Muttaqien from expose academy.

If you follow my YouTube channel or my blog, you will already realize that beside having class courses I’m also selling online courses at One of them is my 3D Visualization for beginners course. Why am I making this video now or this article? It’s because I want to inform you guys about Udemy’s new plan to change their pricing policy later in april 4 2016.

Udemy new pricing policy

Currently, Udemy’s authors can set their own prices freely and give away coupons at any discount rate as they want. But everything will change. Udemy authors later can only choose prices between $20 to $50 with an increment of 5$. So basically we -the authors- can choose from 7 tiers of pricing, which are: $20, $25, $30, $35, $40, $45, $50. Beside prices, discount rate in a form of coupon codes distributed by Udemy is also controlled to a maximum of 50% discount. Luckily “I think” authors can still distribute free coupon codes to their friends and family.

Udemy New Pricing Policy

Udemy New Pricing Policy

You might be thinking “wow that’s a huge drawbacks for the authors” or “Ouch that will hurt authors revenue a lot!”. My answer to that is NO -in sha Allah-. Why am I saying that? Well first you really need to understand what is the reality of Udemy pricing condition now, that is before April 4 2016.

Current pricing condition

Currently authors tend to set their prices high, around $100-$300 per course but then they give away discounts in a form of coupon codes through their blogs or Facebook or Reddit or any other channels. And how much actually people pay for one course? Guess what! Around $20 to $50.

Beside the authors doing the promotional work with their discounts. Udemy also doing it, to sell the courses. They spread coupon codes all over the internet. So basically almost every students enrolled to any Udemy courses are because of the discounts, whether its from the authors or from Udemy it self. And this pricing and promotion strategy could only mean one thing for Udemy and the authors and that is “extra works”.

Beside extra works for us, this condition is also bad for the students. Why? Two words: “confusion” & “hassle”. Students that pay a lot of money for a course will be surprise, because there are other students in the course that pay way less money than what they have paid. More savvy students understand this condition. So they go look for coupon codes scattered around the web which Udemy and the authors have spread.

For me this current pricing condition is not good and thankfully Udemy thinking the same way as I do. So do I agree with the new pricing policy from Udemy? Yes absolutely.

How will this benefit you?

The next question is “what is this new pricing policy means to you?” As I mention before it will take out the confusion and the hassle from your shoulder. You can get cheaper prices right away from Udemy marketplace without having to search for coupon codes else where or emailing the authors to get one.

My pricing plan

So what will I do with my courses at Udemy? Of course I have to abide to the new pricing policy. But how much will I charge for them now?  My plan is to set my prices to the lowest tier and that is $20 and just see what will happen in a couple of months. If I get tons of students then I may need to rise the price accordingly later. Too much students rolled-in at the same time usually leads to a lot of questions I have to answer in a short amount of time and it really drains energy and time. So balancing the price with the amount of students rolled in is my way of bringing more values to my students as I can answer questions carefully and more in-depth.

I hope this is a good news for you guys as it is for me. Wassalamu’alaikum.

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