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Steve Punter

I’ve been in the design industry for 17 years, and I have never found a tutorial that takes you from basic to advanced with such easy explanations. Little tips and tricks that were missing from my knowledgeable have now been filled, and I’ll be using this as a constant reference to remind myself of certain techniques.

Walter S. Ragland, Jr.

R.D.E.C.S. Training Specialist

This was hands-down the best Adobe Illustrator course that I have ever taken online. I started this course because I was interested in the screenshot artwork (nice sales point). as an animator, I usually design my vector graphics in Adobe Animate (previously Flash) for easier access. I tried using Illustrator before a few years ago, but it just seemed to be too in-depth, cumbersome and time-consuming when compared to my workflow Flash. But now that I`m actually designing logos, t-shirts, and physical products for sales, I can really understand the value of this software thanks to this course! The instructor is very good and takes you through everything step-by-step using the basic tools that you have available. I would highly recommend this course for both beginners as well as seasoned professionals who want to increase their workflow productivity. Thanks a lot for making this course!

Nancy Horne

Information simply flows, is easily understandable and the technique tool demos are cool and effective to show simplicity and options. I have just started and learned some great tips and settings so far.

Rosemarie Fugate

I have learned more from watching these first few videos than I ever learned in my intro to Illustrator class which was very expensive while attending graphic design school. It’s the way the information is being explained – it’s so simple and basic. It’s exactly the info you need to know from the start without all the pretentious art school jargon. This instructor really knows the software and knows how to accurately explain how to use it and apply it. I wish I would have know about this course a few years ago before spending what I spent to go to graphic design school.

José Cristiano Gomes

I love this course. It has so many things that I don’t know yet so far.

Collins Anyal

The Instructor is quite good in explaining every detail of the course.

Jon White

This is a great course and just what I was looking for. The instructor covers more than just the basics of Illustrator and gives the learner exercises and practice to hone our skills. It’s a fast-paced class, and I found myself pausing and rewinding frequently — but that’s the benefit of a recorded class.

Diana Dobreva

Amazing course! I’ve been trying to find advanced Illustrator tutorials for a while, but nothing relevant until I found this one.

Jose de la Fuente

Great course! The instructor will start from the basics and go from there to very advanced material! You can tell the instructor has a lot of experience and the exercises are super interesting. I loved the course!!

Peter Shaw

Widhi Muttaqien is a seasoned instructor and packs a huge amount of useful information into this comprehensive course. He has put a lot of effort into organizing the course into logical sections. Because the course is so well organized he can refer back to earlier explanations and focus on the new skills in each section without repeating the detailed basic information. Because of this the course covers an incredible amount of information presented in a useful way. His dry wit makes the lectures interesting. I also love the way he explains the back-story of the cartoon character “Carny” that is being created. It is very useful to see each stage of the creation process, from initial sketches through coloring, adding shadows and highlights to the final result. Great material, I will be referring back to this again and again since it is so well organized.

Ardli FW

This is the best illustrator course I’ve ever found! Widhi is really professional and really to the point, he teaches only the essential things, and he gives us many practices along the way. The materials given in this course are really comprehensive and complete. Thank you for making this course.

Kate Stejskal

Great course. All lessons are very useful and will help you fully understand to Adobe Illustrator functionality.

Masudull Haque

He is excellent his teaching and presentation is crystal clear, i really enjoy . Now time to practice time, but only one issue last project when he done he create lot of layers some time i confused which layer is first which one is second and which one is last…can you able to provide any chart for this, i know it’s depend on various illustration’ but i believe and satisfied to your technique hope it is sufficient for creating any kind of illustration. I am awaiting our feedback. Thanks & good luck.

Dhani Ramadhan

Very recommended course if you want to start learning about 2d computer graphic, it has precise information how to use the tools, and you will also learn to use the tools using hotkeys very important to speed up your workflows.

Ivan Stevkovski

I tried to make a careful selection on which course I get for learning Illustrator and Photoshop and I must say that Widhi does a excellent job as a teacher! The explanations are great, the pace is perfect and I really think this course is with a reason under the Best Seller tag. The only downfall you might find is his English ,but personally it did not bother me at all. It was a fun experience, I’ve learned a lot and now I feel confident to move forward in creating my own designs.

Quan Ngo

Halfway through, but really enjoying it so far. I’m a game developer and I can tell that instructor does have deep knowledge about computer graphics. The workflow he teaches is very practical and the course contents cover all you need to start practicing digital arts.

Sam Pollard

Fantastic course. Easiest 6 stars ever. What you get with Mr Muttaqien is that rare thing – a guy who really knows his Blender AND knows how to teach. You get a ton of in depth, but crystal clear explanation of a huge number of Blender’s tools and features. Nothing is rushed. Everything is explained, the why as well as the how. He goes into detail on many things which other courses omit or skim over. And the syllabus is very carefully put together in such a way that you learn things in the right order. No trying to run before you can walk. You also get, sprinkled throughout the course, a good selection of mini-projects so that you can be confident you’ve understood what you’ve just been studying before moving on to the next part. And you get Mr M. himself, all over the Q&A section, very promptly helping out as needed. This is the real deal, an expert professional at work, not some hobbyist who got a microphone for Christmas and decided to make a course. Very highly recommended. EDIT: Just to add, Mr M is now updating the course for 2.8, at no extra cost. Not a new course that you need to buy, but simply an update of this one. Superb.
(on “Blender 3D from zero to hero” course)

Levent Özcan

Sade ve açık anlatım çok yararlı

Ini Matias

Game Developer and founder of ingames.tv

Excellent course. I am a beginner in blender and I am learning a lot. The classes are very well structured and the instructor explains very well!

Ian Rutter

I’ve been through a number of Blender courses and this really has to be one of the best. Each exercise builds up on the other. From the beginning, which is a basic table through more colourful and very appealing fish and tree. Don’t let the exercises fool you, they will teach you a great deal. The tutor knows his stuff and unlike many, he gets to the point quickly. From this course you will have confidence to go on and learn more colourful or intricate models. Don’t go through this course once, which is the key with any Blender tutorials. Go through it again and again until you can do the models without any help. This is a really good and surprisingly helpful course on your journey to understanding and mastering Blender 3D. Highly recommended.

Saif Bin Adhed

Thank you for such a great course, I have tried many many courses before, I wish I saw this before. May Allah grant you more success in the future and have the power to help more and more people. Jazak Allah khair.

Doug Cooper

Engineer & Marketer at Udemy

I love this course!

Yves Molina

Excellente formation pour tous ceux qui veulent apprendre Blender. Il y a beaucoup d’informations utiles et l’apprentissage est progressif, vraiment je recommande cette formation ! Excellent training for anyone who wants to learn Blender. There is a lot of useful information and learning is progressive, I really recommend this course!

Alnisa Beckham

Created by my favorite tutor, widhi never disappoints! His course are absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend any new beginner to watch this. It’s very in depth, well explained, organized, great examples given, etc. This course is a must for any beginner learning Krita. I also highly, highly, recommend that people check out his other courses. trust me you’ll not be disappointed! It’s worth the time and effort and money for these course.

Felix Sauer

The course is more than worth its money. A high information speed, excellent topic selection and a good progression speed make the time spent here a pure joy.

Gwendolyn Kranz

I spent several frustrating days on a different Krita class from Udemy, but was getting nowhere. I decided to try this course. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting together a well developed course that is easy to follow and understand, even for a complete beginner like me.

Mayank Gogia

Such a great course with a great and experienced instructor. I have learned so many new things with this course. I am quite confident in using the software after completing 80% of the course. Instructor is very cooperative. I ask too many questions but every time he is so responsive and explains very well. Anyone who wants to learn adobe illustrator or become confident using it should join it!!!!!!

Vsevolod Zagainov

While you can find Illustrator courses about creating simple logos and icons almost everywhere, including Youtube, this particular course provides in-depth guide and techniques for creating rich and complex illustrations. 5 out of 5, especially for Advanced section, thank you!
(on “Adobe Illustrator: Advanced vector artwork” course)

Andrey Donos

Excellent!!! More than my expectation! Thank you!

Raksa Meth

Well, very good course. Not even one bit of regret purchasing. Instructor is very good at explanation and what is best is i got to test my skill with exercises that the course provided. My Goal is to become a software developer with both design skill and coding skill. So far so good. :3 i can at least make my application more attractive now XD Thanks for the course.

Jim Somchai

Love it! Love it! One of the great courses I have joined in years… Really recommended…. Very detailed explanation on the illustration applications.

Darren Key

Great course. The instructor explains a vast amount of illustrators functions from basic to advanced techniques in short easy to understand tutorials. I’m relatively new to the program but feel that I have learnt a great deal about the software.

Eustace Gitari

This course was very helpful, I learnt some new concepts I hadn’t learnt before. The last project in the course was exciting and the workflow was well thought out.

Daniel Burke

Great course by knowledgeable teacher. Accent a little hard to understand but not a big deal especially since his experience and artwork workflow is excellent!. Highly recommended!

Giovanny Alvarez

Thank you! I now have great insight on improving the efficiency of my workflow thanks to your course, especially the final project! Thank you Widhi!

Igor Stankovic

The best course for illustrators working with vectors and Adobe Illustrator users. No matter how experienced you are at Illustrator you will learn something new and techniques are explained in depth so everyone can understand. I would definitely recommend taking this course if you would like to take your digital art to the next level.

Alexandre Brito

Parabéns ótimo curso e excelente profissional. Com certeza implantarei muitas de suas técnicas e fluxo de trabalho no meu dia dia. Dica: Podeira só ter legendas ou áudios em outros idiomas.

Fajri Ma’rifatullah

Professional Slide Designer

Nice clear explanation and easy to understand. Like it very much!

Fiona Moran

I had been using illustrator nearly every day for a year before I took this course and I am amazed at how much I have learned. Not only does the tutor show you the techniques to make lovely art in Illustrator, he also always has in mind a quick workflow, which is very useful if (like me) you are learning this stuff for work reasons. I’ve always liked Illustrator for it’s intuitiveness, but never really took it seriously as a tool for making art. I am excited about that very thing now.

Gabriel Willames

Great way to explain!

Jason Alan Lovell

I enjoyed this course immensely! Informative and concise which is a huge benefit to learning.

Indra Mushoddaq

The best explanation ever! Thank you Mr. widhi Muttaqien.

Damtew Engida

Exceptional talent and skill. The instructor deeply knows the subject and has excellent teaching skill. I am very grateful having this course. I definitely enroll If you prepare other courses in the future.

Fábio Silva

Curso objetivo e o instrutor domina o assunto… Não é muito abrangente mas bem direcionado ao que se propõe.

Jeremy Hazel

Professional artist and career creative

Always a pleasure to take his courses…I started my Udemy journey one year ago with his other course, and I wanted to see what i have learned in the year, so I am glad there is some repetition, things i was not sure of 12 months ago…I totally get now ….and there is new material to augment……so overall it is a good time As an instructor here on Udemy I have a ton of respect for the methods he uses to teach and the quality of the projects we put out……always well done

Inger Wold

This is a course I come back to, again and again. Really helpful.

David G. Harrod

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Clear explanations. Broken into easy to grasp pieces which can be practiced. Multiple methods for each action shown allowing the operator to select one that works best for him/her. Good pace for newcomers.
(on “Blender 3D zero to hero” course)

Haris Eko Prasetyo

MasyaAllah, Baarakallahufiik akhiy widhi muttaqien… wa jazakallahu khairan katsiran…

Citlalli Lara Alvarez

His explanations are very clear and easily follow having the program open. Personally I like when the instructor take the time with the rhythm in pronunciation, this will help to not be afraid of the program interface.

Karol Szczerba

Tematyka poruszona w kursie, dokładnie wytłumaczona przez instruktora w przejrzysty i przyjazny sposób. Ucząc się od niego można zdobyć wiedzę, która będzie procentować przy tworzeniu własnych projektów i pomoże uniknąć błędów wynikających z istotnych szczegółów, na które zwraca uwagę. Ten kurs może stanowić trwały fundament pod dalszy rozwój umiejętności w pracy z Blederem i z odkrywaniem jego możliwości.

Tony Munoz

CEO of Wulum Creative Technology

It’s perfect. Now I’m getting blender.

Andrés Zavala

Mexican computer hobbyist and artist

The instructor explains everything very clearly and concisely. The course is much shorter than other similar courses, but it manages to pack all the important things in! It’s not as in-depth as other courses, but it covers the basics better than anything else I’ve seen, and it teaches very important shorcuts and methods that make modeling more intuitive, faster and overall a much better experience.

Banas Martin

Very detailed and precise information.

Isaac Balintuma

CEO & Android Developer at Crested Developers

Things are explained in one of the most clear way possible plus the English being spoken is also very clear even to people who are beginners in English, and i also like the syllabus, it was structured very well.

Tuan Nguyen

Very easy to understand for a beginner like me. The teacher throughly explaining the details at a reasonable pace. The course is well constructed, every lessons are not too long but still packed with useful informations.

Jasmine Costa Jardim

Best money I’ve ever paid. The professor teaches not only how to work with each Krita tool, but also teaches digital painting from the very basics, including a bit of color theory. By putting work on it I ended up with beautiful paintings that I never thought I’d be doing as a newbie to illustration. It’s an amazing course and I recommend it to everyone.

Aaron Porter

New York based graphic artist and instructor

Everything is explained very well and very thoroughly. It was a good choice for me.

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