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Digital painting with Krita 5.0 for beginners

62 lessons

7.5 hours

Learn Krita 5.0 from the basics until you can create illustrations using a non-destructive workflow.

Digital painting with Krita 5.0 intermediate level

67 lessons

7 hours

Master Vector, selection, gradient, and filter techniques to quickly create digital illustrations.

Digital painting with Krita 5.0 advanced level

82 lessons

10 hours

Master various advanced techniques and "cheats" to create digital paintings quickly.

Digital painting with Krita 5.0 complete course bundle

211 lessons

24.5 hours

Get all the Krita courses (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) in a single purchase. Save up to 40% off.

Krita 5.0 free trial course

22 lessons

2.5 hours

Not ready for a paid course? You can try our Krita course for free and experience learning with us.

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